Homeschool Students and Parents

Home school students are welcome to participate in science fairs in North Carolina! In order to qualify for the State Science Fair of North Carolina, all students must first be nominated from a North Carolina Regional Science Fair (9 regions).

Local home school organizations should have their own science fair and select students to continue on to their Regional Science Fair. Please contact your Regional Director to determine how many students can enter from your local fair.

Homeschool parents are also welcome to attend NC Science and Engineering Fair teacher workshops.

Information on planning and running a science fair can be found on the Science Buddies and Discovery School web sites. In order to participate in Regional and State Science Fairs, all students from public, private, and home school fairs must comply with the ISEF rules and regulations to insure that their work has been done safely and with supervision.

The Resources section of our web site has more links that can help you with your science projects and fairs.