Divisions and Categories

Elementary – Grades 3-5
Junior — Grades 6-8
Senior – Grades 9-12

Elementary Categories
Projects are not divided into categories. Elementary Projects will be judged with outstanding projects receiving an "Exemplary Project" plaque. Elementary projects can have from one to three students per projects. A maximum of eight projects from each of the eight regional fairs may be entered at the elementary level from grades 3 through 5.

Junior and Senior Categories
Categories are:

From one to three students can work on a single project. Each Regional Fair can nominate two entries from each of the seven categories for the state level NC Science and Engineering Fair.

Category Descriptions

Great care should be taken in selecting the category for competition that best matches the project. The following descriptions should be of assistance in making the most appropriate decisions. Download a complete list of topics in each category and see detailed descriptions of the ISEF categories on the ISEF web site.

Biological Science A

Biological Science B


Earth/Environmental Science

Physics & Mathematics